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PTI-G4512 Thermal Conductive Compound is an excellent thermal conductive solution for medium-power devices. PTI-G4512 is formulated with an advanced silicone fluid that interacts with thermally conductive filler particles to form a highly stable matrix that helps to prevent pump-out and other common failure mechanisms. PTI-G4512 delivers very good thermal performance and high reliability. Molecularly small and structurally stable, the multi-award winning PTI-G4512 is the perfect thermal compound for your needs of cooling devices

Silicon-base thermal grease, PTI-G4512 is optimized to provide heat transferring efficiently and reliably from CPU to heat-sink, and not to cause electrically conductive problems while contacting the pins of an IC.
Outperform to standard thermal compounds 4 to 10 degrees lower CPU full load core temperature.
In syringe and brush attached enables easy application and prevents unnecessary waste.