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Thor's Hammer is signalizing the strength and efficiency of our today's launched cooler for your overheating Core i7 CPU's. With its 4*Φ8mm Heat-pipes on the H.D.T. Base and the 3*Φ6mm Heat-pipes on the 2nd layer, it is launched as a “World Exclusive Technology Cooler” but also outstanding and great performance. Not only persuades the enthusiasts and worldwide users by performance, but Thor's Hammer is also attractive by its unique and shiny black dedicated.
Double layer H.D.T. technology (4*Φ8mm & 3*Φ6mm Heat-pipe) achieves the most strength and efficiency of today's demand of coolers for enthusiasts.
Combined with pull / trigger option with Anti-Vibration Rubbers and the new mounting kit (Crossbow ACK-I7363) both for LGA775 & LGA1366 (Core i7), Thor's Hammer comes with a high standard of accomplishment.