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120mm quiet but powerful PWM fan, 3pcs Φ8 mm heat-pipe and H.D.T. technology, HDT-S1283 is not only outstanding performing but also silent. With Anti-vibration rubber, spoiler design and Push-pin/Clip for INTEL & AMD, HDT-S1283 offers friendly, easy to install, reliable and powerful performance for users.
An outstanding performance air cooler with heat-pipe direct touch CPU, HDT-S1283 creates most efficient heat conduction and particular spoiler design to cool down components around CPU.
With anti-vibration rubber for fan and 3 in 1 application retention module design, HDT-S1283 provides users not only easier and quicker installation, but also lowest noise level.
HDT-S1283 combines 120mm PWM fan, anti-vibration rubber, 3pcs Φ8 heat-pipe, spoiler and 3 in 1 application retention module.