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"Midgard-W"- home of mankind and protected by Thor, God of thunder, and his hammer. Signalizing the strength of diviness and mercy, but at the same time proprietaring the hardware you built in. Combined design and features such as black coated SECC and steel mesh are spotlighting your chassis when your system is built. Furthermore tool free design and a "gorgeous" outlook are only a few points why this chassis is a "must" not only for enthusiast but also for pc beginners.
Screw-less tooling for 5.25" bay installation.
Screw-less tooling for expansion slot installation.
Screw-less tooling for 3.5" bay installation.
Preinstalled 120mm front and rear fans with white LED.
Seven cooling fans are available.
RPM speed control knob for three fans.
Back window for easy CPU cooler back plate.
Support water cooling system.
Diamond cut surface aluminum I/O and reset buttons.
Bottom PSU location for face-up and down installation.
Anti-vibration rubber for PSU.
Dust filter for intake airflow.