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We adopted the name Nebula as the exterior appearance resembles something from out of this world. Improving on design concept and interior hardware placement, Nebula will defiantly put light into your home entertainment system and make your entertainment setup look more classy and luxurious. After numerous trial and errors, we had to reinvent the whole chassis so that the chassis fits perfectly with any home entertainment system. From bottom to the top, Xigmatek Nebula looks sharp from every angle. The top panel is coated with top of the range black grand piano paint, the side panel is firm and coated with scratch resistant Jet black paint. Xigmatek Nebula is defiantly a must have chassis either for home entertainment systems or gaming setups. Xigmatek brings you the future today!
Innovative Intake system from base of the tower.
HD light on bottom which brings the chassis to life.
Black piano finish on top panel creates luxury and prestige.
Thick side panels makes the chassis strong and secure.