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"Asgard"-The Property of Æsir and castle of Odin. As the country of Gods, the inviolable Asgard is the world's first black coating entry-level chassis - milestone. Furthermore this chassis is supplied with 2 x 120mm preinstalled black fan, and 5 more fans can be mounted in different areas for best possible airflow. 3 x 5.25" bays will be able to house all your optical drives, but also 7 trays for your 3.5" HDDs are available so you can feel free by "DIY". Tool free design and a "gorgeous" outlook are only a few points why this chassis is a "must" not only for enthusiast but also for pc beginners.
Classic chassis exterior contains pure black coating interior and downside PSU space. It is more elegant and fancy design than any other entry-level chassis with ATX and Micro-ATX form factors.
Plastic meshed front panel mesh cover and multiple fan screw holes on left side cover bring users more DIY pleasure.
Asgard was designed by gaming and cooling thinking within tool-free hard drives, easy installation CPU cooler back plate window, and seven cooling fan space at most.