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XAF series, copper bushing axis, is an optimized and premium quality 140mm fan, waveform for superb quietness and outstanding aerodynamic efficiency. Copper bushing axis can guarantee exceptional running smoothness and provide excellent long-term stability. XAF series, able to be installed on the holes of regular 120mm fan, achieves a superior airflow/noise ratio and an ideal fan for upgrading your 120mm coolers or case fans.
Product Name XAF-F1452
Product Number CFP-DYGWL-KU2 (4Pin) / EN5469 (3Pin)
Material P.B.T.
Dimension 140(L)x140(W)x25(H) mm
Voltage Rating 12 V
Start Voltage ≤9V
Speed 800~1300 R.P.M. (4Pin) / 1300 R.P.M (3Pin)
Bearing Type Aeronautical Oil System Bearing
Air Flow 90.3 CFM [MAX.]
Air Pressure 1.08 mmH²O [MAX.]
Life Expectance 150,000 hrs
Noise Level <18 dBA
Color Black & White
Connector 4 pin with PWM / 3Pin