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Mach III  
With powerful specs and stylish aero-dynamic design, the Mach III truly gives more bang for your buck!  
Vanguard  S Cube  
Interactive 3D Image ( Rotate 3 dimensions by clicking the subject.)  
Tyr SD964B  
For a quality, small sized, CPU cooler, choose Xigmatek’s legendary Týr  
Vanguard  plus  
With classic Vanguard ventilated design, Vanguard Plus brings surprise and innovation to ATX series.  
Scylla 240  
Pump is still thinner as your radiator. Easy to organize inside the case and strengthen the safety when operate.  
Shogun SJ-B500 500W  
The new Shogun PSU comes single rail with all high quality Japanese capacitors.  
Octans 236B is the brand-new Micro ATX casing design with state-of-the-art concept.  
Midgard IV  
It’s nice faith worthy of insistence. As innovation of Midgard, Midgard IV has green material as well as creative technology. That’s our attitude to invent it, not to follow  

Maverick S – Powerful, compact design
Accessor Pro Card Reader Driver for XP/Vista/Win7/win8/win8.1 (2013/08/25)
Accessor Ultimate 5.25" USB3.0 Super-Speed Card Reader(CCO-UCOIAB-U01) Driver for XP/Vista/Win7/win8/win8.1 (2013/08/25)
2013/06/28 SECURE III new firmware to solve the HDD over 2.2TB GPT compatibility issue & sleep mode.
2013/06/14 Xigmatek Midgard 3 chassis with wireless charging station - by Hexus.net
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