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Xigmatek introduces the new Stealth Vanguard Micro-ATX chassis witch packs a bite.  
Xigmatek Shockwave is a newly designed chassis breaking the previous low-key appearance. Shockwave shows a bold design in comparison to some of Xigmatek’s previous chassis.  
The name nebula is from Latin meaning "cloud" nebulae or nebulæ, with ligature or nebulas is an interstellar cloud of dust, hydrogen, helium and other ionized gases. Originally, nebula was a name for any diffuse astronomical object, including galaxies beyond the Milky Way.  
Aquila is the Latin and Romance language word for eagle, also known as a constellation in the northern sky. Aquila represents the bird who carried Zeus’s / Jupiter’s thunderbolts in Greco-Roman mythology.  
In 2014 Xigmatek introduces their first chassis of the year “Mach”. The main design concept was to create something that is loaded with features but at the same time giving the chassis a sense of power and speed.  
Tauro 600W M (Full range)  
Semi modular - easy to manage cables. All of the cables are coated with black braid Over 85% efficiency and meet official 80Plus Bronze certificate.  
Vector S1050  
Amazing 89% efficiency. Supports Intel Haswell C6 C7 sleep status, 12V2 Min-load 0A.  
Xigmatek XI-RAY LED kit was designed and developed for computer DIY enthusiasts who have the aim of making their rigs look more prestige and unique.  

Accessor Pro Card Reader Driver for XP/Vista/Win7/win8/win8.1 (2013/08/25)
Accessor Ultimate 5.25" USB3.0 Super-Speed Card Reader(CCO-UCOIAB-U01) Driver for XP/Vista/Win7/win8/win8.1 (2013/08/25)
2013/06/28 SECURE III new firmware to solve the HDD over 2.2TB GPT compatibility issue & sleep mode.
2013/06/14 XigmaTek | Cases & PSU & CPU coolers | Overclock.net @ Computex 2013
2013/06/14 Xigmatek Midgard 3 chassis with wireless charging station - by Hexus.net
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