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Maverick S 600W  
Maverick S has an innovative, compact design making this ATX PSU small and space-saving.
With this great small size, the Maverick S allows you more component/working space.
Dark Knight II SD1483  
The Xigmatek Dark Knight is an aethestically pleasing, all-black/white CPU cooler with innovative ceramic coating.  
Xigmatek introduces the new Stealth Vanguard Micro-ATX chassis witch packs a bite.  
TYR SD962  
For a quality, small sized, CPU cooler, choose Xigmatek’s legendary Týr  
Functional, great looking, quality finish, the Soundwave is a great choice of case for those looking for a compact size ATX with lots of potential.  
For the newest in compact Mini-ITX chassis innovation, the new Xigmatek Octans is without a doubt the ideal choice.  
Nebula C  
An additional option of Nebula to better complement the room design you desire!  
Mach II  
With powerful specs and stylish aero-dynamic design, the Mach II truly gives more bang for your buck!  

Maverick S – Powerful, compact design
Accessor Pro Card Reader Driver for XP/Vista/Win7/win8/win8.1 (2013/08/25)
Accessor Ultimate 5.25" USB3.0 Super-Speed Card Reader(CCO-UCOIAB-U01) Driver for XP/Vista/Win7/win8/win8.1 (2013/08/25)
2013/06/28 SECURE III new firmware to solve the HDD over 2.2TB GPT compatibility issue & sleep mode.
2013/06/14 XigmaTek | Cases & PSU & CPU coolers | Overclock.net @ Computex 2013
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